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Building BRIDGES between women entrepreneurs

The world needs more women in entrepreneurship.
To create new business models.
And change the status quo.

Away from the spotlight, the superficiality of women’s business clubs, the noise of social networks… we create real connections, real links, and real business opportunities.

For all women for whom networking, selling or selling themselves is not second nature…

For all women who don’t dare to approach, speak out or put themselves forward…

For all women crushed by the context in which they evolve, those whom the system wants to silence, and those who can’t reveal themselves…

We connect them to the people who will transform their entrepreneurial adventure.

Triggering Opportunities 

The Bridges Agency is an international business introducer agency based in Paris. 

Our mission is to connect women entrepreneurs worldwide.

We create business opportunities, connect like-minded people, and empower women in entrepreneurship.

The Bridges Agency